Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014-2018)
GPA: 5.0/5.0
Candidate for B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Management)
Minor in Management Science and Concentration in Economics

Fall 2017: Medical Device Design, Financial Markets & the Macroeconomy, Introductory Biology

Spring 2017: Systems and Controls (A), The Analytics Edge (A), Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis (A), Innovation Systems (A), Introduction to Acting (A), Corporate Finance (Pass)

Fall 2016: Thermodynamics, Introduction to Heat Transfer, Measurement and Instrumentation, Principles of Macroeconomics

Spring 2016: Dynamics I (A), Fluid Dynamics (A), Electronics for Mechanical Systems (A), Probabilistic Systems Analysis (A), Optimization Methods: Business Analytics (A), Co-Existence and Conflict in the Middle East (A)

January 2015: UPOP Engineering Practicum Workshop (Pass)

Fall 2015: Elements of Structures (A), Engineering Materials (A), Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers (A), Engineering Math: ODEs and Linear Algebra (A), Principles of Microeconomics (A), Corporate Financial Accounting (A), Prosthetics for the Developing World (A)

Spring 2015: Toy Product Design (A), Introduction to EECS I (A), Physics II (A), Soviet & Post-Soviet Politics and Society (A), Introduction to Research in Media Arts & Sciences (A)

January 2015: Introduction to Python (Pass)

Fall 2014: Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry (A), Physics I (A), Calculus II (A), Fundamentals of Computational Media Design (A), Science & The Meaning of Life (Pass)